PearlySmile | Maintenance Kit

What can you use after your in salon or home teeth whitening teeth whitening treatment to maintain your bright white smile?

Our gentle non peroxide Maintenance kit means you can enjoy a brilliant, bright white smile in-between your teeth whitening treatments to give you the confidence to smile every day.

Each kit offers approximately 6-12 months worth of maintenance (based on 1 user).


1 x Teeth whitening gel pen (non-peroxide)

1 x Daily Teeth Whitening Foam

1 x Weekly Teeth Brightening Powder

1 x Instructions for use

Individual products are available for purchase online or from our salon teams once you complete your initial treatment plan, so no need to purchase a whole new maintenance kit to maintain your beautiful smile!

You can also use your teeth whitening pen with your home teeth whitening system so a great booster if you already have our smartphone operated home teeth whitening system (see below)

How to use:

Weekly teeth-brightening power

Use your Weekly Teeth Brightening Powder to remove the build-up of plaque and external staining from the surface of your teeth! For optimum results brush your teeth for 2 minutes using an electric toothbrush. Your teeth will feel very clean and will be up to 3 shades brighter instantly.

Daily teeth-whitening foam

Add a Foam head to the top of your regular toothpaste when brushing your teeth daily to create a gentle and highly effective stain remover. Using the Teeth Whitening Foam daily allows you to maintain your bright white smile and keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Teeth whitening gel pen

Use the Teeth Brightening Pen to actively brighten your teeth and maintain a healthy white smile. Twist the base of teeth whitening pen to release whitening gel into the brush head before applying a thin layer onto the teeth you want to brighten. Let the gel dry on the teeth for 30 seconds. You can rinse off the gel after 10 minutes. It can be used to maintain your bright white smile once per week or used daily to actively brighten teeth for 1-2 weeks.

You can also use your teeth whitening gel pen with our home teeth whitening thermoplastic mouth piece powered by your smartphone as usual. Apply a thin layer of gel to the teeth, insert the mouth piece, power on using your smartphone or usb and enjoy an accelerated teeth whitening result.