Vita C Rapid C Serum AHA 18ml

A potent 15% stable Vitamin C serum (L-Ascorbic Acid) scientifically formulated to effectively deliver high concentrations of stable Vitamin C to your skin. Formulated to combat visible signs of premature ageing using a unique combination of Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid, Kakadu Plum), AHAs (Lactic Acid) and BHAs that work both above and below the surface of the skin. A powerful 15% concentration of L-Ascorbic Acid works below the skin to simultaneously protect against premature ageing caused by UVA/UVB rays, whilst stimulating new collagen production. The AHAs and BHAs work on the surface of the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and hydrating the new skin beneath. Regular use regenerates collagen and lightens sun-induced pigmentation leaving a more youthful appearance. Dramatically improves skin clarity. 


Suitable For : All skin types, excluding sensitive. 

Protects the skin against premature aging caused by harmful UVA/UVB rays. 

Stimulates collagen synthesis and new cell production, delivering hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Visibly reduces the appearance of superficial pigmentation, provides a more even skin tone. 

Delivers a smoother more refined skin texture and improved skin clarity. 

Salicylic Acid works down in the hair follicle to clear the build up of dead skin cells and sebum, reducing pore size and helping to regulate oil flow.